YouTube und Justin B.

Sonntag, 17. April 2011 | Autor:

Das Undenk­ba­re ist geschehen!

Jemand hat einen sinn­vol­len Kom­men­tar auf You­tube gepostet!

@choyleefutkid1 the only reason why „he who shall not be named” is so popu­lar is becau­se peo­p­le like you are con­stant­ly tal­king about how bad he is allo­wing no one to for­get about him. Honest­ly just shut the fuck up and enjoy the music.

36 peo­p­le dis­lik­ed this song becau­se it’s not their tas­te of music, we’­re all entit­led to our own opi­ni­ons. jesus christ!

~ Sket­chy­Bana­nas.

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